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You can find on this page a developing neural network project, documentation and links on this matter.
The aim of this project is the development of a functional free-source neural network simulation package.

The most urgent targets are:
  1. make the backprop package fully functional in console mode.
  2. finish the cascade-correlation net and publish it on the net as well.
  3. make a graphical interface (Qt, I think would be best, but GTK+ or even better, GTK- is also an option) that would include tools for analyzing the status of the net, telling what is wrong etc. It would let the user "touch" the weights, the units and let him have complete control over the net's training.
  4. the net is written in C++. Even a simple neuron is an object. That provides the program with flexibility but is not so kind to its speed and memory needs. A very nice feature of the program should be, thus, its ability to dump simple C code which should simulate very quickly the given net.

I would like to cooperate with people in writing neural net software. Please contact me at


Backpropagation package
This package simulates a neural net that can be trained with the backprop algorithm. It is written in very flexible C++. It is not functional at this time, I am working on it. It should be used only by people interested in developing nn. You can download the gzipped tarball.
Neural Net Theory Postscript document
This document is being written -- it is not finished. It is a piece of documentation (Romanian only, sorry) which is actually more of a general backprop theory in gzipped ps format. It is about backpropagation, quickprop, cascade-correlation. It is also my thesis.


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